MeetingPlanner Touch


Cost Effective & Flexible Digital Signage

MeetingPlanner Touch is the most cost effective, flexible and configurable conference room digital signage solution in the marketplace.

Whether you schedule conference rooms, temporary offices or shared space with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Office 365 or with MeetingPlanner, MeetingPlanner Touch provides an easy to use, customizable and flexible conference room digital signage solution.

MeetingPlanner Touch Demonstration

MeetingPlanner Touch Advantage

Utilize existing sign hardware, commercial signs, Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets or non-interactive monitors to meet your conference room signage requirements easily and affordably. 

MeetingPlanner Touch is highly configurable, allowing you to change color schemes, logos and background colors.  You can also modify settings such as meeting editing, meeting checkin and meeting extension.

  • Works with Microsoft Exchange or MeetingPlanner
  • Hardware independent
  • Very cost effective
  • Highly configurable
MP Touch with Frame

MeetingPlanner Touch Capabilities:

  • View meeting subject, organizer and meeting time
  • Schedule a vacant room or edit meeting
  • Email check-in reminders
  • Commercial PoE Signboards
  • iPad and other tablet integration
  • Microsoft Outlook/Exchange/MeetingPlanner integration
  • Meeting check-in business rules and abandoned meeting tracking
  • Centralized room management
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Interactive/Non-Interactive room signs

MeetingPlanner Touch Benefits:

  • Improved room utilization
  • Professional look and feel
  • Easy walk up room booking
  • Tracks "no show" meetings
  • Email notification to room administrators
  • Eliminate paper schedule postings
  • Digital sign hardware independent