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Improve Building Performance and Reduce Costs

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#1 Microsoft Outlook & Exchange Enhanced Scheduler 

Facility, Equipment & Services Scheduling

MeetingPlanner is the #1 Outlook, web, mobile & digital signage scheduling solution.  With unmatched flexibility, 3rd integration & work flow, MeetingPlanner can serve a single location or entire global organization. 

Simplify Scheduling with MeetingPlanner

Digital Signage & Mobility Scheduling

MeetingPlanner Touch Brings It All Together

MeetingPlanner Touch leverages your current scheduling in Microsoft Exchange or a third party solution wtih integration in Digital Signage and Mobility.  Instanty view availability and book rooms at a room sign, temporary office or on your mobile device! 

Digital Signage & Mobility Converge with MeetingPlanner Touch

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Simplify Scheduling with EmergingSoft

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Simplify scheduling with EmergingSoft solutions.  MeetingPlanner, MeetingPlanner Touch and SmartScheduler offer the #1 Microsoft Outlook integrated, mobile device, digital signage and web based room booking software solution.  EmergingSoft solutions are the only options available that provides Microsoft Outlook integration, web access, mobility, digital signage integration, building systems connectivity and Microsoft Exchange Resource synchronization!

EmergingSoft has over 15 years of proven Microsoft Outlook and Exchange experience for scheduling conference rooms, office space, equipment, catering, video conference and other services with MeetingPlanner.   MeetingPlanner is installed all over the world in large global corporations, professional services firms, hospitals, non-profits, government agencies, military and educational institutions.



Reduce costs and simplify room scheduling with MeetingPlanner, the #1 Microsoft Outlook integrated, mobile device, digital signage and web based room booking software solution. 

MeetingPlanner is the only scheduling solution that provides Microsoft Outlook integration (2003, 2007 and 2010), web access, mobility options, digital signage integration and Microsoft Exchange Resource synchronization in one package. Learn More >

MeetingPlanner Touch Signage


Looking for a way to eliminate those paper schedules outside your conference rooms?  With MeetingPlanner Touch digital signage you get real time schedule information along with a number of other capabilities like access to multiple room schedules, instant booking, meeting check in, meeting editing and many others!

Customize the screens to match your company branding and color schemes with professional Digital Signage!  Learn More >



When it comes to energy saving, organizations are seeking easy and comprehensive solutions to monitor and conserve energy assoicated within their buildings.  SmartScheduler delivers a simple solution for scheduling, measuring and managing consumption tied to the facility space and utilization! 

Synchronizing your meeting schedules with your Building Control System let's you regulate HVAC, lighting and and security. Learn More >

Customer Successes!

Fortune 100 Global Financial Institution

Organization Details

Global Financial Institution
Over 100 offices
25,000 + employees
1,500 + conference rooms and shared space
Schedule over 600,000 meetings per year
Open Office environment


With global headquarters in the US, this EmergingSoft customer is one of the fastest growing financial institutions in the world with multiple divisions and many office locations. The company has over 25,000 employees spread over 100+ locations scheduling 600,000+ internal meetings annually.

Before deploying MeetingPlanner from EmergingSoft, the organization had multiple scheduling solutions, processes and business rules implemented across the enterprise causing internal confusion, employee inefficiency and unmeasurable office space utilization. To support the organizations aggressive growth, improve employee productivity and maximize their real estate investments, the company decided to standardize on one enterprise system that could support their flexible scheduling requirements and accurately track space utilization.

Previous Scheduling Processes

  • Legacy web systems
  • Standard Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Meeting Room Digital Signage
  • Manual Systems
  • No integration

Scheduling Challenge

  • 30-60% actual utilization of rooms depending on location and process
  • Extreme inefficiency in scheduling meetings
  • Average meeting was taking over 10 minutes to schedule
  • Large and complex meetings were taking 2 FTE hours and could involve up to 7 people
  • Excessive double booking
  • Disparate systems with no integration
  • Limited room visibility
  • Most rooms were managed by departments and not shared with other groups
  • Low productivity and excessive costs

Realized Benefits

  • Seamless integration into Outlook has reduced the time to schedule a meeting by 90%!
  • Integration with video conferencing and corporate services has improved employee efficiency and work-flow associated with scheduling
  • Accurate, flexible and reliable digital signage
  • No more double bookings
  • Increased internal customer satisfaction and productivity
  • Complete visibility to available space and room details
  • Fast adoption and low training requirements because of ease of use and Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Room Utilization has increased!

EmergingSoft Solution

After a thorough review of their internal requirements and external vendor options, the company picked MeetingPlanner from EmergingSoft to support all room, shared space, equipment and services scheduling across the enterprise. One centralized database and application deployment of MeetingPlanner provides seamless Microsoft Outlook integrated, web and digital signage scheduling capabilities for the entire organization!

MeetingPlanner provides this organization with following unique capabilities with one enterprise solution:

  • 100% Microsoft Outlook integration - 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Easy to use interface
  • Recurring meeting scheduling and conflict management
  • Services scheduling for video conference, equipment, room setup and catering
  • Complete visibility to available rooms
  • Automated work-flow
  • Powerful reporting

Healthcare Industry

Optimize space utilization, improve staff efficiency and improve buidling performance.

The healthcare industry is always being asked to do more with less.  Hospitals, clinics and providers require efficient room and resource scheduling solutions that help reduce costs and maximize productivity. Resources might include traditional conference room equipment such as white boards and LCD displays as well as more sensitive, high value equipment such as medical instruments and lab equipment.

A resource and room scheduling solution to book conference rooms and equipment have traditionally been done using pen and paper or manually. This method requires inefficient double entry and in many cases, causes confusion if a reservation is moved or ca nceled. By consolidating the scheduling processes in a simple and easy to use interface within Microsoft Outlook, healthcare organization experience measurable end user productivity improvements and cost reductions.

MeetingPlanner from EmergingSoft provides a single solution for room, equipment and service reservations in addition to food services, video conferencing and facilities set up scheduling.


A large North American healthcare provider utilized multiple tools to manage events, room schedules and equipment reservations. The help desk was overrun with multiple calls to schedule these event or resource.  A central team was required for room scheduling, food services orders, equipment reservations and room set up. In some instances, a single meeting required (4) calls to the help desk.  In addition, facilities, IT and food services resources were not always aware of a meeting time or venue change, creating support inefficiency and waste.


  • MeetingPlanner was picked as the optimal single source solution to meet the business and technology requirements for the organization.
  • The easy to use MeetingPlanner integration with Microsoft Outlook was deployed to every individual desktop.
  • Features such as equipment and room reservations, food services and facilities requests were deployed out of the box to support the organizations requirements.
  • Eliminated the need to use multiple systems to schedule rooms, equipment, teleconferences, catering or AV.
  • Extensive reporting was made available for room and resource utilization.
  • Migrated data from an existing stand alone help desk application into the MeetingPlanner database to ensure historical reservation data was maintained.


  • Drastically decreased calls to the help desk and facilities.
  • Eliminated double booking and resource conflicts.
  • Provided a single solution for work flow calendar views for food services and facilities.
  • Eliminated reliance on Exchange Administrators for room and resource adjustments, adds and deletes.
  • Freed up the conference management staff from booking rooms so they could to focus on event planning, support and room management.

Corporate Case Study

Reduce costs, eliminate double booking conflicts and improve space utilization


As a global corporation planned for an office move to a new facility, it was determined that a single scheduling tool was required to improve scheduling efficiency, optimize room utilization and improve internal communication with support teams. The current scheduling solution included use of Microsoft Exchange Resource Mailboxes for conference room scheduling and on-line/paper forms for equipment, facilities services and food services scheduling.

With over 10,000 employees in multiple locations, the current process for room and services scheduling was inefficient, time consuming, costly and created opportunities for double booking conflicts. In addition, corporate services and the facilities team needed to allocate dedicated staff to schedule equipment, provide services and enter catering orders requested by the end user population. Lastly, because there wasn't a central tool collecting reservation data; real estate space, equipment and facility support utilization was unavailable.

Key Requirements

Senior management, corporate services and frequent schedulers determined the following capabilities would be required in a new scheduling solution:

  • Ease of use - Microsoft Outlook and web access
  • Room and facility schedule views
  • Advanced search engine to find rooms that meet users needs
  • Schedule rooms, equipment, services and catering in one scheduled event/meeting
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Time Zone Translation
  • Automated work flow and real time notification for reservation changes
  • Eliminate double booking
  • Support recurring meetings


After a complete review of industry options, MeetingPlanner was determined to be the best solution to address the organization's room, equipment and services scheduling needs. MeetingPlanner was easily deployed throughout the organization and immediately provided improved scheduling efficiency and support team productivity. Users were able to find rooms that met their room and equipment needs immediately in their Outlook appointment. In addition, if the meeting time changed, the reserved rooms and resources automatically updated as well.

The equipment, facilities and catering support teams experienced a dramatic impact too. No longer were dedicated schedulers required to book equipment, support and catering. These team members were now in a position to better manage real estate, equipment and analyze the use of rooms and services, allowing them to optimize their real estate and capital equipment investments.

MeetingPlanner simplified scheduling, reduced costs and optimized utilization, providing the organization with a return on investment within 18 months.